Morven Terminal is built to American N gauge standards (1:160 scale as opposed to 1:148 for British N, although the 9mm track gauge is the same). It shows an intermodal freight yard on a section of CSX main line railroad in the Eastern USA, and is set in modern times. Arran Aird, the builder, has a particular interest in railway freight operations, and intermodal freight services predominate on this layout. ‘Intermodal’ traffic is traffic which uses different modes for different parts of its journey, (typically road and rail although sea and waterway transport may also be involved) and which is carried in a way that makes transfer between modes easy. Examples seen on this layout are container traffic and road-railers. Look for double stack container trains, among others.

Although the line is predominantly CSX, locomotives from other railroads will be seen, together with the occasional AMTRACK passenger service. Locomotives and rolling stock are predominantly from the extensive range of ‘ready to run’ products available for American railroad modelling. Buildings are mainly kit-built.