Law Junction is a model of the a real location on the West Coast Main Line between Carstairs and Motherwell where freight trains for Mossend yard and local passenger trains via Wishaw diverge from the main line. The layout includes the freight terminal next to the junction and is set in the approximate period 2003-2006. Most of the layout is built accurately to scale although some compression of length has been required in the junction area.

The layout shows a railway in the landscape, rather than just the railway itself.

Features to look out for include the buildings, all scratchbuilt from photographs taken at the site, the overhead electrification equipment, which is non-functional in the model, and the operating colour light signals which are controlled using modules by Heathcote Electronics.

Designed for transport in a Transit van, the layout is built on eight plywood baseboards supported by a separate slot-together timber sub-frame with separately supported control panels. Track is PECO and the backstage fiddle yard is sectioned to allow a maximum of thirty trains in each direction. Rolling stock is a mixture of ready to run and kit-built using standard N gauge couplings. Container trains use C-Rail containers, which were initially a by-product of this layout project. The lighting gantry, common to all Club layouts, uses lighting track designed for shop display lighting to allow for adjustment of the lighting to suit the layout.